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Content Marketing Agency

SEO Hub Melbourne is arguably one of the best content marketing agency In Melbourne. Among the many services the company offer is content marketing. What makes content marketing effective with SEO Hub Melbourne is the well defined process that has proved to work well in delivering the best marketing. Here below is the process on how we engage in content marketing.

Content Marketing Research

Great content marketing must start with research for it to be effective. SEO Hub Melbourne involves itself in deep marketing research that will guide in how the content should face the market. After market research, the content then undergoes 4 modification stages as mentioned below here.

  • Articles

We write unique articles that will help in marketing the content. The articles are written by those who have expertise in content writing.

  • Graphics

Graphics are what makes a good appeal for the face of the content. Again here, there are experts who have vast knowledge in graphic designing and implementation.

  • Press Releases

To give it a grand entry, a press release will be necessary, and our company does that as part of content marketing.

  • Video

A unique video describing and promoting the content is then made. SEO Hub Melbourne understands the impact video has to the consumers and hence cannot ignore this phase.

Our Syndication Team Place Content and Create Buzz

After getting the necessary resources, our syndicate prepares the final content and creates a buzz on the content to have a lasting effect in the minds of consumers. It is done via three channels as mentioned below here:

  • Social Media

The content is sent to social media to capture the growing audience of social sites users.

  • Relevant Sites

The content is then placed in relevant sites to get more customers.

  • Your Website

The content is also placed in your website.

There is a close relationship between social media, relevant sites and your websites. As the content is placed in social media and relevant sites, it has a referral back to your main website. The vice versa is also applicable where a user can be redirected to a social site or relevant site from the main website. This gives customers chance to interact socially on the content being marketed.

Linked to Search Engines

The content is then linked to the search engines to get more traffic and achieve top rankings. The search engine is linked to your website, social media and any link where the content is available.

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