Difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

Getting higher rankings in the popular search engines is the desire by every website owners. Most websites will do whatever it takes to get their website on top of the rankings. In doing whatever it takes, we get two varying types of SEOs; White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. So what is the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO? In getting to answer this complex question, we will look at some of the structural and strategically differences between white hat SEO and black hat SEO:


To differentiate white hat SEO from black hat SEO, the meaning serves as the most reliable criterion. A white hat SEO uses a strategy that conforms to search engines’ design and there is no deception. In contrary to this, a black hat SEO uses techniques that do not conform to the design of search engines, and therefore are said to be deceptive.

Approval Status

While a white hat SEO will be easily approved by search engines, a black hat SEO will not get an approval from the search engines.


White hat SEO will get lasting results. The results from a black hat SEO will never last for long. As a matter of fact, when using a black hat SEO, you risk being penalized by Google.


The techniques used in the two can also help us in distinguishing them. A white hat SEO uses research, analysis, content improvement and web redesign. The techniques used in black hat SEO include keyword stuffing, hidden texts and link farming etc.


It is argued that black hat SEO gets a website to higher ranking faster than a white hat SEO. The disadvantage is that the black hat SEO will not last long on top rankings and it will be removed by search engines.


It is evident that there many differences between a white hat SEO and a black hat SEO. Another clear observation is that white hat SEO is much better than a black hat SEO because it’s a long term strategy and maintain your business reputation, branding and trustworthiness.

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