How to do Keyword Research

How to do Keyword Research

One of the most important Google ranking factors is keyword. For a website to get a top ranking position, it has to have the most optimized keywords. To get the best keyword for your website, a thorough keyword research is needed to have the best keywords for your site. The tips of how to do keyword research forms the basis of discussion here below where they will be highlighted with an aim of empowering SEO experts in their bid to get the best keywords for their websites.

How to do Keyword Research

  • Make a List of Relevant Topics

The first thing that you should do to help you in your keyword research is to write a list of relevant topics depending on what you know about your business. In this step, it is important to only mention the topics that are related to your business without having to fill keywords in them. For example, if you have a business of taxi, you can have a general topic of “Taxi Services”. This is a relevant topic that will guide you on where to place keywords.

  • Fill those Topics with Keywords

Once you have identified the general topics for your business, you should then fill these topics with keywords. For example, in the above general topic of taxi services, you can add guiding words such as “getting a taxi service”.

The above mentioned two tips can help you in researching for keywords on your own. You can opt for the above methods on rely or the tips here below.

  • Competitor Analysis

You are probably getting into a business that has already been tapped into. This means that you must have competitors in offering a certain product or service. As a way of researching for the right keywords, you can opt for doing an analysis of your competitors’ keywords. This analysis will show you how your competitors are ranking for keywords and thus give you the best way to know which keywords are optimized.

While doing this, it is important to only get keywords from your competitors who are ranked well by Google. Do not get keywords from poorly ranked competitors because the keywords will not help you in your quest to get a better ranking.

  • Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner

As an alternate to keyword research, you can use Google AdWords Keyword Planner. This software will help you in generating keywords that are optimized for your niche. Furthermore, this tool is recommended because it incorporates the trending Google ranking factors.

  • Use Google AdWords Tools

Another good way of doing keyword research is by using Google AdWords tools. There are several tools that can be used to help in generating keywords. Some of the most common tools that are used in generating optimized keywords include:

  • WordStream’s Keyword Tool
  • FreshKey
  • Soovle
  • Ubersuggest
  • Competitor Source Code

All these tools work to help you in generating valuable keywords for your online business. They use different criteria that have all been certified by SEO experts to be good in keyword research.

Get you website ranked highly by using the right keywords. For a comprehensive keyword research, you should use any or a combination of the above tips to help you in getting SEO keywords for your online business.

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