Negative SEO is becoming a Worry – How?

Competition for online customers grows day by day. And as this happens, many unscrupulous people are deducing ways of beating competition. One of the popular ways of beating competition is by engaging in negative SEO.

What is Negative SEO? This is a situation when someone makes an attempt to lower your rankings in a search engine. They do this using various ways but the common of all is by the use of links where they will link your website to spam links to get in bad books with search engines. So how does negative SEO become a worry? This question will form the basis of the discussion below here.

• Google Punishes Indiscriminately

If your competitor decides to fill your website’s link profile with spam links, Google will go ahead and punish you without any consideration. This causes an alarm for worry since you might not even be aware when the links were created.

• It is Easy to achieve Negative SEO

Even though Google is putting up measures to curb negative SEO, some people still manage to throw in the spam links. It is not even an expensive venture and can be done even in 5 minutes with an automatic backlinks software.

• Black hat SEO is on the Rise

Negative SEO has been highly influenced by the existence of black hat SEO, which do not follow the guidelines set out by search engines. This has an effect in making the online business to lose its credibility. This will hurt honest people engaged in online business.

It is very clear that negative SEO has bad consequences to business owners. The search engines should do more than they are doing in curbing this malpractice. Here is some more info about negative seo


Note* – We dont use negative seo in our seo campaigns and we dont support someone who does that.

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