Search Engine Optimisation or SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO strategy is the determinant of success in any attempt to get better with rankings with any of the top search engines. Some SEO companies simply go ahead to start on the process of SEO without laying out any strategy. It is good for every SEO Company to use a SEO strategy to achieve higher rankings. This is what we do at SEO Hub Melbourne. The company has one of the best SEO strategies that has been proved to work. The strategy involves 6 steps that are explained below here.

  1. Initial Briefing

The first step is referred to as the briefing stage. Here, we listen to you and asses your requirements. We ask some of the strategic questions about your website that will lead us to understanding your requirements better.

  1. Audit/Analysis

This is an important strategy in the developing of a good SEO case. We analyze your web projects. The content in your website is also analyzed to determine the appropriate keywords for the website. While doing the keyword analysis, we also engage in competitive research analysis.

  1. Strategy Formation

A dedicated team of experts come into play to decide on the best formation for handling your website. They use catalogue of measure, priority list and also engage in project planning. They draw a well designed formation that will be used.

  1. Implementation

The formation is then put in practice. The on-and of-page strategy is implemented in cooperation with the client. This is the most technical part of the SEO strategy. Our team is engaged in full time work until the desired rankings are achieved.

  1. Reporting

We do not hide information from our clients. As a client you will be presented with a transparent report on all the measures that have been taken. The report is meant to show the client the progress of the work.

  1. Review

We continue to review and asses the website over and over. A continuous assessment is important to ensure that we maintain top rankings. We also do SEO strategy improvement in cases where we need to adjust a bit for better results.

The above seo strategy as used by SEO Hub Melbourne is considered as one of the best for efficient delivery of SEO services.


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