Finding Inspiration for Halloween Costumes through Accessories


Accessories are great at giving an oompf to your Halloween costume. You can even start visualising your costume starting from the accessories. If there is something you like, you can create the rest of the costume around it.

There are many hair accessories that can help you create a full costume. For example, cat ears are a great addition if you want to wear a cat costume. You can add a skullcap as well to hide your hair and choose different types of cat ears. If you are creating a look that is shiny and takes the spotlight, you can increase the element of bling in your costume.

Your cat ears can be studded with rhinestones and crystals. This can be further highlighted with a rhinestone choker and ear studs. Even your nails can match! Or if you want something more realistic, furry ears and a tail will be a fun addition to the costume. You can even fashion claws out of your nails for a realistic touch. You can also have a black velvet outfit to show off your curves.

If you want to become a cute forest animal, you can start with a deer antler headband. You can then pair this with some faux fur and a brown outfit to become a forest nymph or a deer. A brown bodysuit will show off your body as well. You can give a twist to the tale by having zombie makeup. You will be portraying zombie Bambi! The makeup will go a long way towards transforming your face. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, a wand is all you need to start your costume. You can select a cloak, tie, white shirt and black pants to complete the school outfit. You can even wear a sexy student costume with a cape to show off your legs. You can pair it with a scarf from your favourite house and you will be good to go.

If you buy a captain’s hat, you can create a pirate costume out of it. This will be the defining feature of your costume. You can have a billowy white shirt with a dark coloured blazer. You can even have a parrot stuffed toy attached to your shoulder to complete the look. Get some boots roughened up with a toy sword and you can spend the night with pirate puns and catchphrases. Get some ladybug wings or fairy wings that can be used to create an ethereal outfit.

If you are going the ladybug or butterfly wing route, you can have some antennas on your head and a colourful outfit. Or you can choose some gauzy and floaty dress that will be a perfect complement to your fairy wings. If the wings you buy are not sparkly enough, you can always modify them by adding glitter, sequins, rhinestones etc. to create something truly unique. This is a costume that will make anyone smile. Butterfly wings can be worn with black leggings. You can also select bright striped leggings and become a queen bee.

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