How to Handle Dental Emergencies in Kids


It can be stressful for parents to deal with dental emergencies in children. But you need to know how to respond promptly so that your child’s dental health can be preserved. This will also help minimise complications.

When children are engaged in play and sports activities,

Aknocked out tooth can be a common dental emergency. And if this occurs, you have to act quickly so that you have a better chance at saving the tooth. You need to reassure the child and you have to remain calm in order to do this. Look for the knocked out tooth and retrieve it by the crown without touching the root. The tooth may have dirt or debris on this so that you can use milk to saline solution to rinse it gently. It should not be scrubbed with water or soap. You can try reinserting the tooth into the socket right away making sure it is facing the right direction. The tooth has to be held in place. You can ask your child to gently bite down on a clean cloth to ensure that it is in place. If this doesn’t work, the tooth has to be placed in a container of saliva or milk so that it doesn’t dry out. You can then look for a 24 hour dental Cleveland so that you can access emergency dental care. Doing so within half an hour will give you the best odds.

If a tooth happens to be fractured or broken,

You will need to act quickly so that further damage can be prevented. This can be a result of an accident, biting down on hard objects or trauma. You have to make sure the child rinses their mouth with warm water so that any debris can be washed away. The child may be in pain so you can apply a cold compress to the outside of the mouth. This will also help alleviate swelling. Make sure to save any broken fragments of teeth so that they can be brought to the emergency dentist. You will need to schedule an emergency dental appointment so that prompt treatment can be provided. Treatment will depend on the extent of the fracture. Some of the options that will be provided are dental bonding, dental crowns or root canal therapy.


Children tend to have many toothaches and severe toothaches can be especially distressing.

This can be because of an underlying dental issue such as a tooth fracture, tooth decay or dental abscess. You can reassure the child that help is on the way. To help with the inflammation and the pain, you can have them rinse their mouth with warm salt water. If there are any food particles trapped between teeth, this can be removed by dental floss. You will need to do this gently. Over-the-counter pain medication can help relieve pain until you take your child to an emergencydentalappointment. You can also apply a cold compress from the outside of the mouth so that the area can be numbed. It will help the swelling go down.

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