Qualities of Excellent Firewood


The majority of homeowners all over the world have historically heated their living space with fuel derived from wood. Several benefits may be provided by using wood as fuel for your home. If you have a fireplace in your house, burning wood fuel is the ideal option for you to adopt rather than gas or coal.

Sadly, the majority of people don’t give much thought to the kind of firewood they will be using when they are trying to get a fire going. It is also important to get your firewood from a good supplier such as 4 sure firewood and garden supplies. Because not all firewood burns in the same manner or possesses the same qualities, it is important to have a fundamental grasp of what constitutes excellent firewood to get the most out of the fire.

The following are some of the most important qualities of excellent firewood, both softwood and hardwood have their uses, but it is vital to be aware of the differences between the two types of wood in order to recognize “good” firewood. As opposed to hardwood, softwood is far simpler to light and consumes oxygen at a faster rate. While softwood burns considerably more quickly and creates more smoke, hardwood takes much longer to burn. It is easier to start a fire using softwood, whereas hardwood is more effective at maintaining a fire after it has been established.

If you are attempting to keep warm on a chilly winter night or if you are grilling over an open fire you want wood which burns hot because both of these activities require a consistent amount of heat. Some types of softwoods create a high flame, but more often than not, this result in a lot of ash and the fire does not last very long. Hardwood, on the other hand, is suggested as a fuel source since it maintains a steady heat output, burns slowly without causing flare-ups, and generates very little smoke.

Because almost all of the firewood that is used in Australia originates from local suppliers, the quality of sustainability is one of the most important characteristics of good firewood. Hardwood logs are recommended for use as firewood due to this reason. It not only imparts flavor to food, burns slowly, burns at a high temperature, generates very little smoke, and is a locally derived and environmentally friendly supply of firewood, but it also has a minimal carbon footprint.

Dried and seasoned wood the finest results may be achieved using well-seasoned wood. Even wood that has been seasoned will retain around 20% of its original moisture content; however, this moisture will evaporate when it is exposed to high temperatures. Wood that has been allowed to dry out does not contain much moisture; if there is too much moisture in the wood, lighting a fire will be difficult, and you will be repaid with a great deal of smoke.

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