Precautions to Take While Leaving Your Home


It’s exciting to travel, but it may also be nerve-wracking to be away from your home. All of your belongings are in there. Given that this is where you live, it’s likely also the place that you want to protect the most.

The number of burglaries increases during the summer months because it is simpler for a criminal to commit a crime in an unoccupied home. You can talk to locksmith Essendon about this because crime is such a common threat to security and you really must be aware of how to stop it. Therefore, in order to keep your house safe while you’re away on vacation, here are some aspects related to the exterior of your property that require your attention at all times.


First and foremost, check that all of the doors and windows are locked. If you have already done so then ask yourself, how reliable are the locks?  If you are not utilizing locks with a high level of protection, you should ensure that they are on entrances that are visible to neighbors.

Alternate Access

It is important to check that you have not overlooked anything by looking over all of the potential entry points. Investigate your surroundings and compile a list of each and every conceivable entrance point that may be used by robbers. Have you accounted for every window? What about the door for the pet? Is it possible for an intruder to enter your home by sticking their arm through the mailbox slot?


Simply put, you should lock all of your doors. This will secure your house while you are away on vacation as well as after you have returned. In addition to locks, you can also use reinforced doors, which may include the installation of metal security screens.


Examine the vegetation that surrounds your property once you have made certain that all of the doors and windows are secured. Is it possible for a thief to scale a tree in order to get access to a window? Do some tree trimming. Is it possible for a thief to hide under a bush? Cut back the bushes.


Get some motion-activated outside lighting, so that you can keep an eye out for potential thieves. If someone were to stroll up to your house in this fashion, it would alert all of your neighbors to the fact that something was off. In addition, any outdoor lights that are always left on when the house is occupied should have a timer installed so that they come on automatically giving the impression that there are inhabitants in the home.

Spare Keys

Take away any spare keys that have been hidden. The thief may take their time hunting for extra keys around your porch if you aren’t there to protect your property, and the likelihood is that they already know exactly where to look. Taking the key with you when you leave town will keep your house safe from intruders.

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